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Stand-up meeting

The stand-up meeting is a practice described in the SCRUM methodology, where every team member take part at a short, focused meeting in the morning, before the working day begins, at a given time. Unlike traditional meetings, people don't sit on chairs, but stands up: in general, people will be more on the topic and the meeting won't last more than a pomodoro. The topic in the stand-up meeting is always the same:

  • what people have completed yesterday
  • what people will complete today
  • what difficulties people have met during work, and what kind of help they need from team members.

Every people briefly explains, then the XP coach or the SCRUM master summaries the main difficulties or problems encountered, so to be discussed during a retrospective (never during the stand-up meeting itself!), and the working day can begins.

Take a look at this big, nice picture by Conrad Bielski to grasp the idea, shot at Thursday.

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