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Simone Genini

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Simone Genini

Simone Genini (1974) is currently Managing Director at GM Technologies SA, Manno, Ticino, Switzerland. He begins working in Zürich as "software developer" in the 1997 after achieving the degree of "Ingegnere in informatica" at the SUPSI (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana).

In the 1999 goes back to Lugano and founds the software house named GM Technologies SA. Since then he begins mutating into a manager, coach, mentor, tracker... and all other roles wich are not "developer".

In 2003 – overwhelmed of hundreds overtime hours – finds in the "white book" the solution of his problems and decide to convert its enterprise from cowboy-coding to agile. The convertion worked! The enterprise (in 2008) counts nine persons which works following agile values, principles and practices... every day a little better. No one makes overtime! (c;

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