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The number of participants is a limited to 18 people. The school is open both to professionals and students.

Knowledge of principles of object-orienting programming and a good command of English are prerequisites. You are expected to indicate at least two programming languages in which you are comfortable in, to be used during workshops. This can be done informally in the email.

Application requests will be evaluated on the basis of the curriculum vitae in English. If you need to prepare your curriculum vitae ad hoc, please consider to use the standard European format Europass curriculum vitae (CV). Note that curriculum vitae in languages other than English will be immediately rejected.

Registration fees:

  • EUR 400 full-time students.
    • Not applicable for working students.
    • Students should provide proof of their status.
    • Student fee without accomodation EUR 200 (has to be specified in the application).
  • EUR 1200 for professionals.
    • Two grants (no registration fee) will be offered to the two best professionals (based on their CV).

The deadline for application is May 23, 2008.

Registration include:

  • school participation;
  • accommodation (five nights);
  • lecture notes on the attended courses;
  • social dinner.

Accepted applicants will be notified by May 26; they are expected to send the registration fee by bank transfer within May 30. If you are accepted, and we don't receive your payment by that date, we will notify someone who was previously rejected.


3nd European Summer School on Agile Programming Universita' dell'Insubria June 30, 1-4 July 2008




Please state any special needs or disabilities:

Preferred programming languages (specify 2 languages in the order of preference):

Request accomodation (yes/no):

Please email this form and YOUR ENGLISH CURRICULUM VITAE to AT

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