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Morning (9:00-13:00) Afternoon (14:00-18:00) Evening
Monday, 30 June

Agile loops by Federico Gobbo and the Essap staff (2 pomodori)

Questions and Answering session by every participant (2 pomodori)

A pomodoro about the Pomodoro Technique by Federico Gobbo and Matteo Vaccari (1 pomodoro)

The Leadership Game by Yves Hanoulle and Els Ryssen

Agile games (Fluxx, Lupus In Tabula, Go, RPGs...) by Fabio Bertone and his band (free time!)

Tuesday, 1 July

Stand up meeting by Federico Gobbo and Andrea Gervasini (1 pomodoro)

XP Game by Fabio Bertone, Domenico Marini and Massimiliano Pepe (3 pomodori)

Retrospective on the XP Game by Fabio Bertone, Domenico Marini and Massimiliano Pepe (1 pomodoro)

Test-Driven Development: theory and practice by Matteo Vaccari and Massimiliano Pepe (5 pomodori)

free time
Wednesday, 2 July

Stand up meeting by Fabio Bertone and Vieri del Bianco (1 pomodoro)

Dad, tell me a story by Federico Gobbo and Andrea Gervasini (6 pomodori)

eXperience Refactoring by Marc Evers and Willem van den Ende

(6 pomodori)

free time!
Thursday, 3 July

Stand up meeting (1 pomodoro)

Let's do it: an agile microproject by Matteo Vaccari and Vieri del Bianco (5 pomodori)

(changed) Introduction to Customer Tests (A.k.a Acceptance tests) by Jacopo Franzoi and Tommaso Torti (6 pomodori)

Social dinner at La Stadera restaurant
Friday, 4 July

Stand up meeting (1 pomodoro)

Introducing XP in your daily job (or being agile in a bad world) by Fabio Bertone and Matteo Vaccari (5 pomodori)

Agile Estimating and Planning by Luca Grulla (3 pomodori)

Retrospective on ESSAP 2008 by Marc Evers and Willem van den Ende (3 pomodori)

A journey to beautiful Campo dei Fiori

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