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Planning Loop Books

Lean Software Development by Poppendiecks

Recommended by: Federico

Most managers don't know anything about agile. They have a different domain language: they talk about wikinomics, the long tail, the Toyota way. The lean development approach, directly derived by the experience in Toyota, is the best way I've found to introduce agile concepts to enlighted managers.

Agile & Iterative Development by Craig Larman

Recommended by: Federico, Vieri

A comprehensive introduction for (also) managers about Agile, Scrum, XP, (R)UP and Evo by one of my favorite authors. It has a lot of very good pictures.

How to mind map and Dialogue mapping

Recommended by: Federico

Tony Buzan is the inventor of mind mapping (), the most powerful brainstorming technique for individuals I've ever seen. He has published a lot of books, and this is my favourite: simple and easy, you will start mind mapping after 10 minutes. After some practicing, you can turn yourself to dialogue mapping, a technique invented by Jeff Conklin (see this video). Dialogue mapping is more focused on team brainstorming. If I'm allowed to use it, redudancy in discussion is drastically reduced and meetings lasts less time with more achieved results.

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