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A few words about the Varese and Villa Toepliz

Varese is a city in north-western Lombardy, northern Italy, 55 km north of Milan. It is most famous for the Sacro Monte, a place of pilgrimage and worship. Villa Toepliz has a beautiful sight and it is next to Sacro Monte, a place of pilgrimage and worship, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Villa Toepliz, Varese, Italy.

How to Get There

Public transport in Varese is safe and reliable. Both trains and buses are frequent and efficient.

By airplain

Varese is next to Malpensa Airport. Then take the Malpensa Express until Saronno (direction: Milan) then change train and go to Varese and take the bus (see below). Approx. 1 hour. Otherwise, take the bus "Autolinea Extraurbana Gallarate-Malpensa-Castelnovate" from the terminal 2 direction Castelnovate (timetable in PDF). Take off at "Gallarate Stazione F.S." and then take the train Trenitalia Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) from Gallarate to Varese. Approx. 1 hour.

By train

From Milan: you can take Trenitalia Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) from "Milano Porta Garibaldi" until the stop "Varese". Note that if you arrive in Milan at "Milano Centrale" station you should take the underground (MM2, green line) for 2 stations in order to go "Milano Porta Garibaldi". Download the official map of the metro if needed to change train station in Milan. Otherwise, you can the Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) from "Milano Cadorna" to "Varese Nord". Approx. 1 hour.

From Como: you should go to Saronno (direction: Milan), then change train and go to Varese. Approx. 1 hour.

From the Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) railway station in Varese: exit the station and keep to the right. The first street right is Via Paolo Maspero. Cross it and you'll see a newsstand. Turn right into Via Maspero and you'll see the "C" bus stop. Approx. 10 min.

From the Ferrovie Nord (FNM) railway station in Varese: exit the station and keep to the left. Turn left into Via Paolo Maspero; the "C" bus stop is ten meters after the newsstand. Approx. 10 min.

By bus

Buy an urban bus ticket (1 euro) in any newsstand in Varese. You must take the "C" bus in the direction of Sacro Monte. See the "C" bus timetable. Ask the driver for the stop near Villa Toeplitz. The bus stop is about 200 m. from the Villa. The ride lasts approx. 15 minutes.

By car

Varese is easily reachable by motorway. It is approx. one hour from Milan and it is next to the Switzerland border. Once arrived in the town of Villa Toeplitz lies at the bottom of the Sacro Monte. Follow the signs for "Sacro Monte / Campo dei Fiori". Once you are near the Villa you'll see the signs for the parking area.

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