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Introducing XP In Your Daily Job

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Introducing XP in your daily job

Ok. You know how to charge a tomato timer. You know TDD. You are even willing to pair program. And now? Not everyone is blessed by an XP friendly work environment. But there is ALWAYS space for improvement. We will discuss the good (and also the bad) ways you can introduce XP to your colleagues. And to your boss. Or, if you lead a team, how you can "push" it to use XP.


  • what you can do
  • what you should not do
  • how you can gather consensus from the team
  • the xp introduction from the management point of view


The presentaion is composed of lighting-talks from people who succeded at using xp in his daily job, plus a Q&A session.

Intended audience & required experience level

Anyone involved in software development and team organization. No skills required.


  • Fabio Bertone
  • Simone Genini
  • Stefano Fornari

slides: on slideshare

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