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Fabrizio Milo Software Creativity

Università dell'insubria - Dicom

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Software Creativity

The production and design of software is a creative mental process. So what about this process? How it works? How may I improve it? The talk will try to help to improve the inner and group creativity giving advices, new ideas and new perspectives on this aspect of software production.


  • Introduction to Creativity (video)
  • The value of Simplicity
    • Principles of simplicity: (Gather, Classify, Compose, Know, etc..)
    • Creativity practices for individuals
      • The 15 minutes rule
      • Do a creative activity (painting, photography,...)
      • The all-important paper
      • The workspace (video)
      • The Sphere
    • Creativity Practices for teams: How to brainstorm effectively
      • No idea is bad
      • Piggiback!
      • One Big Note
  • Practice
    • Practical session: Pongo/Origami
    • Practical session: Brainstorming

Fabrizio Milo

Attach:Main.FabrizioMiloSoftwareCreativity/fabrizio-milo.jpg Δ He is a computer Scientist, with an extraordinary passion for computer, design and communication. At present he works in IBM on the development of High Performance Applications on parallel processors (Cell BE). Fabrizio likes to take looong geekish discussion and to dance all the night long. He lives and work in Rome.

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