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E Xperience Refactoring

Università dell'insubria - Dicom

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eXperience Refactoring

The objective of this workshop is to give a practical introduction to refactoring. Refactoring patterns will be quickly presented, then an interactive exercise on refactoring will be presented and executed. The exercise consists in applying refactoring in small steps to a common code base. The exercise will involve real programming.



  • refactoring with unit tests
  • common smells and refactorings (patterns)
  • how to obtain big changes in small steps

Process & timetable


The workshop is organized as follows:

  • 1 pomodoro frontal presentation
  • 1 pomodoro understand existing code and existing design
  • 4 pomodori refactoring exercise
  • 1 pomodoro retrospective

Intended audience & required experience level

Anyone involved in software development. Programming skills required.


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