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Agile Loops

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Agile loops

Where to start for getting into agile? What does the agile jargon (pair programming, continous integration, etc.) really mean? XP and SCRUM practices can be presented in an ordered way using the metaphor of loops. After this presentation you will know if you already do agile and how to start if not. This presentation is a derivative work of XP loops by Vera Peeters and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe as presented in XP Days Benelux 2007. Here there are our slides.



  • what agile means
  • what agile means not
  • what are the principles and values behind practices
  • getting from agile jargon to key concept understanding

Process & timetable


This is a frontal presentation of the main contents of ESSAP, but it is also a presentation of the school organizers.

Intended audience & required experience level

Anyone involved in software development and team organization. No programming skills required.


  • Federico Gobbo
  • the whole team of School Organizers

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