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Agile Estimating And Planning

Università dell'insubria - Dicom

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Agile Estimating and Planning Techniques


Understanding limits and advantages of different estimation techniques. Understanding how to define a release plan for an agile project.


  • Ideal Days vs. Story Point
  • Accuracy vs consistency
  • Release planning
  • high level estimates for the kick off of a project

Session Format


Benefits of participating

understanding how to estimate in complex scenarios. Understanding at a deeper level the just learned story point estimation technique

Benefits of organizing - what does the organizer expect to learn?

Common pitfalls in explaining agile estimation. Oportunities for a deeper look at the release planing topic

Duration in pomodori

Materials needed from the conference organizers (e.g. flip charts, beamer)


Organizer bio and contact information

Luca Grulla

Luca is a Senior Consultant for ThoughtWorks. He's been active in the Agile Community since 2002. His main area of interests are OO design, team dynamics and understanding how to improve the software development process.

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